Our Commitment

Over 40 years of jewellery-making experience guides the RB collections, but our revelations never change:

  • Simple is good
  • Classic is always in style
  • Quality lasts forever

And beautiful, quality jewellery shouldn't be over-priced...

RB brings you the finest jewellery with a direct-to-consumer model, eliminating the many layers of mark-up behind retail store prices.


Whatever you choose from RB, you can be comfortable knowing you've added a versatile, high-quality piece to your personal collection, without paying too much. And you'll find that each piece matches most of your wardrobe.

How can we know this? Because we carry fine jewellery that is classic in material and form:

  • Pearls go with everything and transition from day to night effortlessly.
  • Onyx pieces are the picture of elegance, with modern, simple lines in classic black, white and navy.
  • Our limited selection of the best Swarovski crystals secured inside clean, minimal designs cover a full range of blues to compliment the denims we all love.

Try our range today, we promise you won't be disappointed!

Why We LOVE What We DO

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun.

We believe that the overwhelming number of jewellery choices makes the decision-making process for women who don’t spend all day shopping impossible.

It makes us feel good to leverage our 40+ years of experience in finding those special key pieces that take our customers out of the realm of "fashion jewellery" and into the world of timeless finery. Our jewellery ticks all the boxes:

  • Highest heirloom quality materials
  • Timeless, versatile designs
  • Practical pricing for all budgets

Our Team

Operating from Brisbane, Australia, we’re a group of friends who enjoy working together and dreaming up new ways to introduce customers to the joy of wearing beautiful things.

Our individual areas of expertise in fine jewellery, international trade, e-commerce, fashion and customer service create a knowledgeable collective with decades of trusted experience.

Most of all, we want to share the revelation that having gorgeous jewellery can be uncomplicated and guilt-free. We are accessible and encourage customers to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.