Silver Care

Your Révélations Boutique piece is made of .925 sterling silver. To properly care for your jewelry, store in a dry and air-tight place and avoid scratching by separating each individual piece. All silver jewelry will naturally tarnish when exposed to salt air, moisture, oils, and perfumes. However, Silver that is regularly worn typically needs less care. We recommend wearing your new piece as often as possible. To ensure your jewelry remains shiny, all orders include a complimentary Révélations Boutique polishing cloth.

Onyx Care

Révélations Boutique Natural Onyx has been thinly sliced, cut, polished, and hand framed with a precious metal for its protection. Onyx is a relatively soft and porous stone. Try to limit exposure to moisture, oils, and perfumes. Never clean in an ultrasonic and take off when doing manual labour. After wearing, wipe your piece over with our Révélations Boutique complimentary cloth and individually separate and safely store each piece.

Pearl Care

Each pearl is a natural organic creation with its own personality. They are fragile: "Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off." Their personality is sensitive to lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, hair products, and they do not like exercise. After wearing your pearls wipe them with our complimentary Révélations Boutique cloth and store them separately in a soft bag to avoid scratching.

Gold Care

Your Révélations Boutique piece is made of 9K gold - Karat is the purity measurement for gold. To avoid scratching, store and separate each individual piece. To keep your gold looking vibrant, limit exposure to soap and chemicals. After wearing, wipe with your complimentary Révélations Boutique polishing cloth.