Our Viewpoint

We find ourselves having a somewhat contrarian viewpoint on the role of jewelry compared to most jewelry purveyors. We see jewelry as an enabler, or a component in a delicately balanced ensemble of apparel, shoes, hair, make-up and attitude that enable you to be the “you” that feels right for today. Jewelry isn’t typically the singular focal point of your look, but the perfect piece ensures that you feel perfectly “on point” and ready to take on any challenges, adventures or social scenarios that lay ahead.

Every day is an opportunity for new self-discoveries. New dreams. New attitudes.

Our Commitment to You

  • We design for maximum versatility and usefulness. A jewelry collection full of RB items means you’ll never have to experience feeling “off” by not having jewelry that matches your look and mood.
  • Our offers are based on unquestionable quality of materials combined with meticulous hand-crafting based on over 40 years of jewelry-making experience.
  • We created a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates many layers of mark-up typically experienced at retail stores. We offer top-notch jewelry items enabling your budget to go a lot further.

Our Team

It all starts with an Australian jewelry team of two who have designed and delivered 1,000’s of jewelry pieces to retail stores around the world with the unquestionable ethics you’d expect from your neighborhood jewelry maker.

Darryl has 43 years of experience delighting women globally with his creations while Liz keeps a pulse on jewelry and apparel trends to ensure our offers are always current.

Michelle is the heartbeat of RB inspiring our offers and setting the tone for our incessant desire to win your trust. You will undoubtedly get to know Michelle through social media and emails, as she derives inspiration from your ideas and feedback. Her main desire is to ensure any question or concerns are handled attentively and that we provide you both the perfect product and matching support.

The RB concept was initially inspired by Toby, but he likes to joke that he’s not sure what he really does around here. We will at least admit that Toby has assembled a world-class team of online commerce experts who follow Michelle’s lead aspiring to deliver a clean and inspiring experience as you consider our offers. 

How do we do it?