Freshwater Baroque Pearl Yellow Gold Earrings

$129  RB Price
How do we do it?

How Do We Do It?

With over 40 years of in-house jewellery manufacturing experience, we are able to employ a Direct-to-Consumer model which eliminates several layers of cost - savings we pass onto you as you join the RB family.

Consistently producing pieces of unquestionable quality does come at a price, albeit a price we are happy to pay. Utilising the Direct-to-Consumer model allows us to spend the extra money required to maintain our high standards of quality and workmanship, whilst still passing on significant cost savings – savings, which go straight to you.

These classic white baroque freshwater pearls come with incredible luster and natural pearl shape, making a simple statement for your everyday look.

Metal 10K Gold
Pearl 8.5mm Freshwater Oval Pearl
Hanging length 20mm
Finish Yellow Gold
Backing Fixed Hook

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