Freshwater Coin Pearl Yellow Gold Earrings

$129  RB Price
How do we do it?

How Do We Do It?

With over 40 years of in-house jewellery manufacturing experience, we are able to employ a Direct-to-Consumer model which eliminates several layers of cost - savings we pass onto you as you join the RB family.

Consistently producing pieces of unquestionable quality does come at a price, albeit a price we are happy to pay. Utilising the Direct-to-Consumer model allows us to spend the extra money required to maintain our high standards of quality and workmanship, whilst still passing on significant cost savings – savings, which go straight to you.

Sophisticated and elegant, these 10K gold, 12mm freshwater coin pearl drop earrings will sway and move with each graceful step.

Metal 10K Gold
Pearl 12mm Freshwater Coin Pearl
Hanging length 25mm
Finish Yellow Gold
Backing Movement Hook

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